I offer private consultations in person (North West London location), via Zoom or a phone call.

In our consultations, we will discuss the main issues you wish to address and your healing aims. After a thorough review including a health assessment on a QXCI Scio biofeedback machine, I will provide a Report setting out the outcome of the review and a Treatment Plan including natural remedies such as homeopathic medicine, tissue salts, and flower essences, and provide nutritional advice, lifestyle changes, breathing exercises and meditations (in written form or recorded). In follow up consultations, we will review your progress and I will advise on any adjustments to your Treatment Plan.

The QXCI tests the body against thousands of substances to identify stresses on the body including nutritional deficiencies, weak organs, and imbalances in the system. Based on the results of the test, the QXCI suggests optimal therapies including homeopathy and other remedies based on naturopathic principles to stimulate the self healing capacity of the body and assist in restoring a person’s energetic balance to improve their health and wellbeing.





Including QXCI Scio biofeedback assessment, detailed Report and a Treatment Plan including natural remedies, nutritional and lifestyle changes, tailored meditations and breathing practices and any other relevant advice and a follow up call



(Plus Postage)

For homeopathic remedies, flower essences and vibrational essences, biochemical tissue salts

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