The remedies are made from natural substances and include homeopathic remedies, flower essences and biochemical tissue salts. As the remedies are gentle, and in most cases highly diluted, they are unlikely to have any side effects and can be taken with other medications. The remedies work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and may be prescribed individually or combined for your most appropriate healing.


The goal of homeopathy is to restore balance to a person’s ‘vital force’, the energy that gives a person their unique qualities and drive to live. A healthy vital force maintains a healthy mind and body whereas a weakened or blocked vital force allows in illness or disease. The energy or vibrational frequency of a homeopathic remedy needs to match the energy of a person’s vital force and help move or unblock the energy. Ultimately, homeopathic remedies stimulate a person’s vital force to return to a balanced state so that the person’s body can heal itself. These remedies work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level depending upon the potency (dilution) of the remedy.

These remedies work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

"treat the cause, not the effect"

Hahnemann. the founder of Homeopathy…by studying the mental attitude of his patients towards life, environment and their respective diseases, sought to find in the herbs of the field and in the realms of nature the remedy which would not only heal their bodies but would at the same time uplift their mental outlook. May his science be extended and developed by those true physicians who have love of humanity at heart.”

Edward Bach


Dr Edward Bach used his training in bacteriology, vaccine therapy and homeopathy to develop a new philosophy of healing which he described in his book ‘Heal Thyself’. Dr Bach believed that our emotional and mental state is the cause of physical health problems. He developed flower remedies, known as Bach Flower Essences, based on emotional responses and grouped these remedies according to personality types. Numerous other essences have since been developed based on Bach’s philosophy of healing including gem and environmental essences. 

Flower and other essences are generally recommended for helping to heal emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.


Dr Schuessler developed his tissue salts using biochemistry (chemistry of living tissues). He found that there are 12 inorganic minerals present in the body which he called ‘tissue salts’. A proper balance of these vital mineral salts is necessary for normal cell function and to maintain good health. Schuessler believed that a balance of the vital salts could be re-established by taking the salts in a readily assimilated form, in this case homeopathically prepared micro doses, that pass quickly into the bloodstream and into our cells. 

Tissue salts are used for a wide variety of mainly physical conditions, such as supporting bone health, nerve complaints, digestive issues, muscle cramps and skin problems.

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